Celebrating Five Years of the Urban Clinic


Towards 5 years of the Urban Clinic, we brought together some 100 participants to think about the future of social urbanism in Israel.
We chose to take this opportunity to celebrate the Urban Clinic, to reflect on the accomplishments and gaps in transformation over the last five years and, and to imagine a realistic future agenda that will guide our work going forward and, we hope, will stimulate our partners in academia, government, civil society and philanthropy.
The summaries below do not attempt to include all the incredible ideas, but, rather, try to highlight general directions.

At the risk of oversimplifying, we present here the summaries of the discussion:
1. Place making, community planning and public space
2. Urban regeneration and affordable housing
3. Health, education and welfare in planning spaces and urban policy
4. The Hebrew University and East Jerusalem
5. Research and learning from Social urbanism practices in Israel and around the world