Cities, Diversity and Spatial Justice: Engaged Scholars

How can I combine academia with impact in the real world?” is a question we often hear– and for which we aspire to receive model answers. We teamed up with the Hebrew University’s Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity and the Jerusalem Institute of Israel Studies to launch a new group for 25 engaged scholars with backgrounds in planning, architecture, community organizing, journalism, law, finance, real estate, and public health, who aim, through their research, to improve spatial justice in cities.

During the sessions, we discuss how our studies can have a positive impact on urbanism, diversity and spatial justice: Who needs to know about the research and how to reach these people? As well as broader questions regarding the role of academia in changing the urban reality, its limitations and the dangers in doing so. In addition, throughout a series of workshops we expand our toolbox, acquiring new skills to mediate research findings to different audiences, using podcasts, journalistic writing, guided tours and more.

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Noga Keidar Dr. Malka Greenberg Raanan Marik Shtern Tamara Kerzhner Maliha Michael Ziv-Kenet
Noga Keidar

Marik Shtern

Tamara Kerzhner Maliha Zugayar Michael Ziv-Kenet

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Jerusalem institue for policy research Center for the Study of Multiculturalism and Diversity