Housing Policy and Urban Regeneration

A central assertion of this course is that one’s home and the place where one lives have significant impact on opportunities in life, and therefore housing and urban regeneration policies are at the heart of urban planning and public policy.

We learn about housing and urban regeneration to explore the policy goal "No one should be seriously disadvantaged by where they live". 

We will ask:

  • How do housing policies and outcomes in Israel compare to those from other developed and developing countries? 
  • What can Israel learn from good practices in integrated urban regeneration elsewhere, including the US and the UK and France, Brazil, Singapore and Ethiopia? 

This course combines lectures, field trips, reading, and discussion to expose students to the current leading debates in housing and urban regeneration, with an emphasis on learning from abroad for Israel. Successful participation in the course requires weekly readings, and submitting at least three short written responses to prepared questions. 

Students work in teams to prepare and present an international case study with recommended practice lessons for Israel. 

Tuesdays between 14:30 - 16:15

Teaching Staff: 
Dr. Emily Silverman
Mr. Alon Cahani

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2nd semester