Urban 95 Urban Planning for Early Childhood Development



If you could experience the city from 95 cm, the height of an average 3 year old, what would you change?

This seminar course gave students the theoretical and methodological basis for child-friendly urban planning in in the student’s home location (Jerusalem, Israel or elsewhere). 

The course was taught in ENGLISH

The basic challenge of the course stems from the critical impact of the physical environment on early childhood development, and the importance of the first years of life for human development. The course examined good practices internationally in child-friendly public spaces, mobility, and residential neighborhoods, and contrasts these to empirical analysis in Israeli neighborhoods. Students gained the ability to improve neighborhood-scale urban plans for more child-friendly planning, design and management.

Teaching Staff: 
Dr. Emily Silverman

Teaching Staff: 
Dr. Emily Silverman

Urban 95 Course Report




2nd semester