Friday Tours

The Urban Clinic’s Friday Tour Series is meant to expose students, professionals, and residents to different neighborhoods and areas in Jerusalem and their specific planning and urban social challenges. In a city as socially, religiously, nationally, and ethnically segregated as Jerusalem, many residents rarely leave their spatial comfort zone. These tours provide an opportunity for people to interact with the “other”, through personal conversations and by interacting in their neighbor’s space. The tours, led by local community planners, social workers, members of civic organizations, and local residents also provide a platform for an exchange of knowledge between students, professionals, and community leaders. Each tour finishes with a picnic and open discussion in which participants and tour organizers trade ideas, impressions, and insights. The Friday Tour Series has been active since 2014, and engaged close to 500 students, professionals, researchers, and community members in its mission.


2017-2018 Tour Season


In the past, every tour has been lead by the local community planner in association with the community association. This year, in addition to working with community associations, we are featuring a different Jerusalem NGO or civil organization that has a spatial or social aspect to their work.