Dr. Emily Silverman

Founding Director

Dr. Emily Silverman is a faculty member at the Hebrew University Geography Department where she teaches courses in housing policy and urban  regeneration, social aspects of planning, and community development. Emily holds a Ph.D. in social policy from the London School of Economics, a master’s degree in public policy from Tel Aviv University, and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Swarthmore College in the United States.

Her work in academia builds on her previous practice in non-profit management and community development, including working with and for numerous international and Israeli philanthropic foundations, Israeli governmental ministries and municipalities, NGOs and civil society. She is a founding member of  the Coalition for Affordable Housing in Israel, was the first director of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel’s Tel Aviv community action center, and has been a founder and board member of Transport Today and Tomorrow and the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, among others.

During Israel’s 2011 social protests, Emily chaired the  Expert Advisory Group to the protest leaders on housing, transport, planning and land uses. In 2009, she led the research team that devised the now-approved strategy for affordable housing in Tel Aviv, and in 2010 she headed the Round Table on Solutions for Affordable Housing for the Arab community of Jaffa with local Arab leadership and local and national officials. In early 2014, Emily co-chaired the 'War on Poverty Commission' Housing Task Force, a governmental committee charged with creating policy and budgetary recommendations on housing for people living in poverty.

Here is a link to a talk  HUJI and The City: an Urban Planning Tale, delivered at the Hebrew University 2016 Board of Governers "HUJI talks". Watch The Full Talk >>>